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My latest purchase is an enamel Agfa advertising sign featuring a cartoon boy holding a roll film camera with flash. He is stood on a large Agfa box advertising Isopan ISS roll film. It’s large. Very large. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but it’s colourful and fun. Graeme

Selling Wood and Brass Cameras

A recent auction featured nearly thirty wood and brass cameras with many being by Lancaster and Thornton Pickard. There was a good selection of these British cameras from the late nineteenth century. The most expensive wood and brass camera did not sell. It was described as a fine British mahogany sliding box wet plate camera. […]

Lancaster & Sons Pocket Watch Camera

Cameras that look like a pocket watch are not usually rare but recently a Lancaster pocket watch camera sold for £17,000. Wow ! It was small (2×1.5 inches diameter) and was nickel plated (not gold). It had a six part sprung telescopic lens and a sprung brass drop shutter. The camera had an engraved case […]

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