About Me

I am passionate about collecting cameras and about the history of photography and am interested in buying early and interesting cameras and photographs. I am particularly interested in cameras dating back to the evry early years of photography.

My family has had an interest and involvement in photography dating back to the middle of the nineteenth century so photography is in my blood. I love the craftsmanship and innovation that went into the development of early cameras.

Sell your camera or camera collection to me and there are no sale or auction expenses. You will also know that your camera or cameras will be appreciated. My interest is in cameras and not in making a profit. That is to our mutual advantage.

Early and rare cameras can be fully restored or be in need of attention. Either way I would be intersted to hear from you. I also appreciate that many cameras were adapted to move with the times and this need not in my view destroy either the value or my interest in the camera.

I am interested in everything from Daguerreotype cameras to wet and dry plate cameras. My preference is for early British cameras and the earlier the better.

Please call or email me with details of anything you would like to sell.

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