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I can Offer you best prices because,

  • I love early cameras

  • I am a collector not a dealer

  • No auction or other costs old camera

  • I buy single cameras or collections

  • I can visit you to discuss a sale

  • PCCGB Member

Call me, email me or fill out the easy enquiry form for me to contact you!

I buy early, antique and rare cameras including made by:

Joshua, Billcliff

Adams and Company

Bland and Company

Bland and Long

Butcher, W. and Sons

Chadwick, W. I.

Dallmeyer, J. H.

FallowField and Company

Gandolfi, Louis and Sons

Hare, George

Horne and Thornthwaite


Houghton Butcher

Knight, George


Lizars, J.

London Stereoscopic Company

Marion and Company


Murray and Heath

Negretti and Zambra

Ottewil T

Park, Henry

Payne and Chapman

Perken son & Rayment



Rouch, W. W.

Sands Hunter

Shew, J and F

Sinclair, James A

Talbot and Eamer

Thornton Pickard

Underwood, E. T.

Watson and company





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