How to sell early and antique cameras.

It’s always good to know about the antique cameras you wish to sell even if some of the detail is a bit technical. I would always be happy to refer to my extensive library to research when discussing a sale.

Dating cameras can be difficult but one landmark date in early camera design is 1851 which marked the first commercial use of bellows. It meant that cameras could become much lighter as there no longer needed to be a wooden section between the front and the rear of the camera.

Originally bellows were square but in 1857 Kinnear invented tapered bellows that could be folded compactly. the whole kit could be stored in the rear section so it was more portable and secure, albeit still quite large and heavy.

The Kinnear design was copied by other makers and improved by them. These makers included Rouch and Ottewil.

So cameras can be dated to some degree by the maker and the design. For example, a Kinnear camera will be from 1857 onwards.

Call me if you would like to talk about selling any early camera, whether it be wood and brass or otherwise.

August 2015