I have bought a Sanders Le Meritoire camera outfit recently. It’s a mid-range Sanderson wood and brass camera from the late nineteenth century. It came with dark slides, some original plates and its original wooden box that still had its key.

Sanderson was a major maker of British cameras and is perhaps best known for its hand and stand cameras. These Sanderson cameras had several design firsts including the use of a swing front supported by slotted arms to support the lens panel.

Tropical Sandersons were made from polished teak with brass bindings.

Sanderson cameras came in a wide variety of models to denote differing lenses and shutters. Many are very attractive but also very functional. They are, however, relatively late in the overall development of mahogany wood and brass cameras.

My camera is very small and portable. It used dry plates, being a camera made long after wet plates were in popular use.

The Le Meritoire camera is not at all rare but was nice to find in good condition and as part of a complete outfit.

Please call me if you have an early or antique camera for sale. I am particularly interested in cameras from before the 1880s and the earliest daguerreotype and wet plate cameras. I can offer best prices as I am a collector and not a dealer.

Graeme Swain

07435 963403